Real People, Real Stories

Real People, Real Stories

12 Episodes

Real People, Real Stories
  • A Different Kind of Missionary Work

    Episode 1

    Inspiration to cook Thai food once a month helped these Latter-day Saints give 9 missionaries (and counting) the opportunity to share the gospel worldwide

  • A Prom for Paradise

    Episode 2

    After a devastating fire in 2018, students in Paradise, CA had to readjust their entire lives... Zachary, along with the help of his classmates, decided to raise money and throw a dance for the students of Paradise High to lift their spirits and show them that they are loved

  • Dorothy, Naomi, and Kurt: The Story of a Family

    Episode 3

    Dorothy tells the story of her mother finding the gospel, and the many trials they faced. After a tragic car accident, Dorothy is taken in by her Young Women's leader and they become a family.

  • Finding Elder Keller

    Episode 4

    In 2017 Crystal shared her conversion story and talked about the missionary who changed her life almost 30 years ago. After a tender reunion with the former Elder Brandon Keller, the two share their testimonies of the importance of missionary work.

  • Latter-day Saint First Responder Witnesses Miracle in Paradise

    Episode 5

    In the midst of a tragedy, Bryant witnesses a miracle as he listens to a prompting that leads him to help his neighbor escape a wildfire.

  • Ready to Believe: How His Wife’s Faith Led One NBA CEO to Join The Church After 20+ Years of Marriage

    Episode 6

    Lisa and Scott O'Neil had similar faith but different religions when they married 23 years ago, but they vowed to work together as a team through it all. Here's how their commitment to having a "house of faith" eventually led Scott to choose to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat...

  • RV Rescue: How Motorhomes Are Blessing Lives After the Paradise Fire

    Episode 7

    In the aftermath of a devastating fire, this Latter-day Saint followed a prompting to launch a unique and beautiful rescue mission.

  • Temple Blessings from Tonga to Philadelphia: The Sikahema Story

    Episode 8

    We often don't realize how many miracles occur behind the scenes during the temple building process. Hear the touching story of Elder Vai Sikahema (formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team) who was able to play a key role in a miracle that helped make the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple pos...

  • Peace In Being Present

    Episode 9

    As a man who is often pulled in many different directions, Philadelphia 76ers CEO Scott O'Neil strives to be truly present when fulfilling his vital role as a father. Listen to his moving advice for finding a balance amidst his chaotic work life by making real, lasting connections with his children.

  • The Miracle That Led This Latter-Day Saint Couple to Adopt 6 Foster Siblings

    Episode 10

    After struggling with health issues, Alo and Ashley Moli were led to adopt 6 foster siblings. Watch their story of hope and how they became a family.

  • “I Just Needed My Family To Be Together”: A Mother’s Story in the Paradise Fire

    Episode 11

    Emily didn't realize how severe the fire was going to be... Listen to her story of experiencing peace as she sees God's hand through the darkness and desolation of tragedy.

  • "What God Sees": How Becoming Paralyzed Helped One Woman Discover Who She Is

    Episode 12

    After being paralyzed in a tragic accident, Brittany Frank’s optimistic outlook on life hasn't changed as she discovered what God truly sees in her.