Random Acts

Random Acts

4 Seasons

Watch Random Acts ease one of the burdens of a young mother dealing with chronic pain.

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Random Acts
  • Love is in the Air

    Episode 1

    Will, Emilie, and Jenna team up with a local balloonist to make a bucket list dream of riding in a hot air balloon come true for Julie, a women who recently lost her husband to cancer; Will solicits the help of strangers to propose to Emilie.

  • Serving Service

    Episode 2

    Will, Emilie, Mason, and Melanie spend the day as street performers to raise money as a mega tip to give Laura, a waitress in Seattle who is constantly doing random acts of kindness for those around her; Will and Melanie pop balloons to inspire good.

  • The Commander

    Episode 3

    Will and Emilie team up with a recording studio to surprise Carl, a service-oriented man with Down syndrome, with an opportunity to meet one of his favorite musicians: Alex Boyé; The hosts do random acts at the movie theater and grocery store.

  • Racing to Restore

    Episode 4

    Will, Emilie, and Mason work together to restore an old Camaro and prepare a race track experience for Clint, a man who has recently lost his father and brother to accident and illness. Emilie and Will find good Samaritans at the state fair.

  • Make or Bake

    Episode 5

    Brooklyn is 14 years old and can only eat 20 foods, so Emilie, Jenna, Will, and returning host Lisa Valentine Clark work to create a baking competition surprise. Emilie, Will and Mason give people a fishy opportunity at Waterfront park in Seattle.

  • Random Tracks of Kindness

    Episode 6

    David is a double amputee confined to his electric wheelchair and the routes of public transportation, so Will and Emilie plan a road trip for him with a surprise at each stop. Mason partakes in cosplay as a Viking at Fan X.

  • Best Friends Fur-ever

    Episode 7

    Eight-year-old Ali has been battling cancer for several years. Will and Emilie surprise Ali and her best-friend Bentlie at school with the news that they are getting on a plane and going on an adventure. Will and Jenna give fortunes in San Diego.

  • The Great Indoors

    Episode 8

    Jeff and Debbie Strong have adopted 15 children, many with disabilities or terminal conditions. They’ve given a home to so many, so Will and Melanie give the kids who can’t easily go outside a place to play inside. Jenna and Emilie ride a trolley.

  • Snow Far Snow Good

    Episode 9

    Katie has a syndrome causing her to be born without ears and cheekbones. Jenna and Emilie surprise her at work with a day off and a trip into the mountains to go dog sledding. Will and Melanie reward kind people at a Seattle bookstore.

  • From Random With Love

    Episode 10

    Will, Melanie, and Jenna surprise William, a 12-year-old boy with Spina Bifida, with a superhero experience at a “secret facility” where he films a fake movie trailer. Will and Emilie team up with author Camron Wright to celebrate kindness.