Random Acts

Random Acts

4 Seasons

Watch Random Acts ease one of the burdens of a young mother dealing with chronic pain.

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Random Acts
  • Backyard Blitz

    Episode 1

    Gary Staples has dedicated his life to service, so Random Acts and Real Salt Lake surprise him.

  • Copter Kindness

    Episode 2

    Janet cares full-time for her sons with special needs. so Random Acts gives her a dream bedroom.

  • Unforeseena Ballerina

    Episode 3

    Random Acts creates a Regency ball to honor Ciera, a young woman with a devastating illness.

  • Goalden Ticket

    Episode 4

    Chloe's husband donated a kidney to save her life. Random Acts surprised the couple with a concert.

  • Sleep Her Agent

    Episode 5

    Music teacher Weston gave up his piano, so Random Acts gives him a new one for his birthday.

  • Ball Dressed Up

    Episode 6

    Random Acts turns the Gossards' basement into a living space for their eight foster children.

  • Love of My Light

    Episode 7

    Random Acts throws the ultimate baby shower for a couple expecting quadruplets.

  • Ivory-One Loves You

    Episode 8

    See how Random Acts surprises Savannah with a once in a lifetime celebration!

  • House Swarming Party

    Episode 9

    Random Acts surprises Ryan, a paraplegic, with a gift that gets him and his family outside!

  • Four the Love

    Episode 10

    See how Random Acts surprises this beloved, dedicated, and deserving 3rd grade teacher!