Love Lessons

Love Lessons

4 Episodes

Love Lessons
  • Love Lessons: Togetherness

    Episode 1

    Bonnie and Bruce have a family song, a family motto, and a penchant for telling the same story VERY differently. They also know the value of being together and sticking out the hard times. This Love Lesson will make you giggle and think for days! (and just try getting that Knowlton theme song out...

  • Love Lessons: Holding On

    Episode 2

    "It's kind of a dream to think that you're always going to get your own way" Jim and Lyndia learned over 54 years of marriage that loving the Lord is the key to making a relationship work, even if you believe different things.

  • Love Lessons: 125+ Years of Marriage Advice in 3 Minutes

    Episode 3

    How did they do it? Three couples with over 125 years of combined marriage experience share the secret to their success....

  • Love Lessons: Choose Adventure

    Episode 4

    A second marriage after devastating loss gave Mayumi and Vern hope for a vibrant future. Choose adventure and give each other the space to be yourselves. That's the love lesson!