American Ride

American Ride

6 Seasons

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American Ride
  • Time for a Change

    Episode 1

    American politics in the Gilded Age was rife with graft and corruption. The American people demanded something different. Could presidents Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, and Cleveland be the right men when America felt it was time for a change?

  • Immigrant Song

    Episode 2

    The Gilded Age saw a boom in immigration to the United States. The Statue of Liberty had lifter her lamp "beside the golden door" and the poor and weary of the world came to enjoy the blessings of freedom and the hope of a new beginning.

  • Age of Genius

    Episode 3

    It was an age of discovery, an age of innovation, and an age of invention.

  • Captains of Industry

    Episode 4

    The American industrial renaissance makes the United States a world power.

  • Civil Rights, Civil Wrongs

    Episode 5

    The working class fights for a voice, newly freedmen of the South fight for equal rights, and the women fight for the right to vote.

  • Remember the Maine!

    Episode 6

    The United States is set to explode onto the international stage.

  • To Notre Dame

    Episode 7

    Explore the history of Notre Dame and find how faith, fellowship, and football coexist.

  • Bull Moose and His Big Stick

    Episode 8

    Learn about the events that made Theodore Roosevelt one of our most celebrated presidents.

  • The Gathering Darkness

    Episode 9

    The world is going crazy, and in the gathering darkness that will result in World War I, Woodrow Wilson is elected president.

  • Over There

    Episode 10

    In Europe, war has been raging for years. And when America gets thrown into the mix, it is truly a world war.

  • The War to End All Wars

    Episode 11

    After the bloody war, can Wilson's fourteen-point plan sow the seeds for a peaceful future?

  • The Roaring '20s

    Episode 12

    America enters a new era of prosperity and excess. Welcome to the Roaring ´20s.

  • End of a Dream

    Episode 13

    "Good times" come with a price, and the price for the Roaring '20s would be heavy.