American Ride

American Ride

6 Seasons

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American Ride
  • Dust in the Wind

    Episode 1

    The Civil War is over, but the nation is still divided. Explore the difficulties of putting a nation back together and how the end of the war led to the opening of the Wild West.

  • Rails, Trails, and Boomtowns

    Episode 2

    The American dream is alive once again, and the dreamers are heading west into wild country. Examine the wagon trains and steam trains, the gold and silver strikes, and the boomtowns that came and went.

  • Wanderers, Vagabonds, Drifters, and Saddletramps

    Episode 3

    Explore the business of beef: the cattle drives from Texas to the railways hundreds of miles to the north, the men who made the money, and the cowboys who did the real work.

  • Bad Company

    Episode 4

    The West is growing, business is expanding, and civilization is on its way, both good and bad. Meet some of the men, and ladies, who put the "Wild" into the Wild West, including the notorious James Gang.

  • Order from Chaos

    Episode 5

    Civilization is taking hold in the West, and people are demanding law and order. Enter the lawman, a man who might be of dubious character, but he's good with a gun, and he's got a badge.

  • Lookin' Fer Trouble

    Episode 6

    Take a look at the myths and truths about famous gunfights in the Wild West. Both justice and business were dispensed at the end of a gun, and once in a while a fight over a woman, a card game, or an insult was ended with a gun.

  • The Earps

    Episode 7

    Learn about the Earps, the most iconic name of the Old West. Follow the trail of Wyatt, his brothers, and his pal Doc Holliday, and discover how most of their reputation and legacy was earned at the O.K. Corral.

  • How the West Was Lost

    Episode 8

    Ride with Stan and learn the story of the Westward expansion from the point of view of the people of the Lakota and Cheyenne nations.

  • How the West Was Lost II

    Episode 9

    Witness the quest of two great Native American leaders hoping to keep their people free. Ride the trails of Chief Joseph and the last free Apache, Geronimo, who became an American folk hero.

  • Range Wars

    Episode 10

    Cattle barons fight to maintain their power and money.

  • The Barbary Coast: End of an Era

    Episode 11

    The sun sets on the days of the Wild West: civilization closes down the wide-open spaces, and the lawless have been pushed to the edge of the California coast.

  • The Last Round-Up

    Episode 12

    Ride with Stan as he recounts the end of the last confederate, Jesse James, and discovers where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid committed some of the most daring and successful train robberies in history.

  • The Romance and Mystique of the American West

    Episode 13

    The Wild West and the American cowboy become larger than life with tall tales and dime novels of frontier adventures.