American Ride

American Ride

6 Seasons

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American Ride
  • Mr. Lincoln's War

    Episode 1

    Learn about the struggles of an unassuming backwoods lawyer who became a powerful political voice and the champion of the Union.

  • The Fires of Secession

    Episode 2

    Hear the first shots of the Civil War and travel from coast to coast seeing the tragic consequences that followed.

  • From the Jaws of Victory (They Snatched Defeat)

    Episode 3

    Take a look at Civil War battles where the victors clinched their success against all odds.

  • The Cost of Freedom

    Episode 4

    The new technology of the industrial revolution makes the weapons of war even more destructive.

  • Changing of the Guard: Lee and Grant

    Episode 5

    Learn about the genius of General Robert E. Lee, the last great warrior of the Napoleonic age, and discover what made General Grant the first warrior of a new era.

  • Gettysburg

    Episode 6

    Learn how close the South came to winning this critical battle and how Gettysburg became the turning point of the war.

  • Price of Honor

    Episode 7

    Learn about the Emancipation Proclamation, the Battle of Chattanooga, and other events surrounding the American Civil War.

  • March to the Sea

    Episode 8

    General William T. Sherman may be the most vilified man of the war, but he is a man who did not burn Atlanta or Charleston and was very friendly to the southern point of view.

  • On to Richmond

    Episode 9

    In General Grant's Wilderness Campaign, the Union army suffers defeat after defeat. Despite these victories, General Lee feels the pressure of Grant's army and the inexhaustible resources of the North.

  • Lost Cause

    Episode 10

    Confederate General John Bell Hood launches an invasion of union held Tennessee and General Jubal Early strikes at the federal capitol of Washington, DC. Generals Grant and Lee glare out at each other at the siege of Petersburg.

  • Brothers Again

    Episode 11

    Witness the remarkable meeting of General Grant with General Lee, where they begin to heal the nation's wounds.

  • The Rest of the Story

    Episode 12

    After the Civil War, many men were reunited as "brothers" while others continued to fight a war of words.

  • Legacy of Lincoln

    Episode 13

    The end of the war brings a new hope for the nation, but one last tragic price must be paid for the victory of the Union and freedom.