American Ride

American Ride

6 Seasons

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American Ride
  • We the People-A Miracle

    Episode 1

    A government for the people, by the people is formed during the Constitutional Convention.

  • Now What? Doubling Our Size

    Episode 2

    Washington defines the role of president, and the Louisiana Purchase doubles the size of America.

  • Into the Great Unknown

    Episode 3

    Lewis and Clark explore the wilderness west of the Mississippi in search of the Northwest Passage.

  • Hanging on to What We've Got

    Episode 4

    Great Britain and the US begin the War of 1812, and Frances Scott Key pens "The Star Spangled Banner."

  • Discovery Continues

    Episode 5

    Westward expansion begins as famed frontiersman Daniel Boone leads settlers into the great unknown.

  • The Mountain Men

    Episode 6

    Learn about everything from the Astor Expedition to the rendezvous of Jim Bridger.

  • Rivers & Railroads

    Episode 7

    See how the new technology of the steam engine changes American traffic.

  • The Growing Stain of Slavery

    Episode 8

    From Harriet Tubman to Frederick Douglass--meet the people who tried to solve the paradox of slavery in America.

  • From Sea to Shining Sea

    Episode 9

    Learn about the tensions between the North and the South as the nation expands.

  • Go West, Young Man

    Episode 10

    Explore the pioneering spirit of westward expansion by following the Oregon Trail.

  • Moving Forward

    Episode 11

    As the nation expands across the continent, discover the ways people keep in touch. Explore the Pony Express, the stage coach, and the telegraph.

  • Different Visions, Different Dreams

    Episode 12

    Study the two early-American visions ”industry and agriculture ”that tried to tear the country apart.

  • A House Divided

    Episode 13

    Harriet Beecher Stowe´s Uncle Tom´s Cabin and the violent actions of John Brown sever the union.