American Ride

American Ride

6 Seasons

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American Ride
  • The New World

    Episode 1

    Meet pioneers in science, religion, and exploration that paved the way to a new world and the birth of a nation.

  • Seeds of Independence

    Episode 2

    Discover George Washington and his experience with the French and Indian War.

  • Trigger of the Revolution

    Episode 3

    See what happens when pilgrims tire of oppression and seek religious freedom.

  • The Die Has Now Been Cast

    Episode 4

    Find out what happens when Paul Revere fuels the fervor for a revolution.

  • The Miracle of Ticonderoga

    Episode 5

    The Second Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia. Emotions run high as General Ethan Allen is deployed to deal with the British at Ticonderoga.

  • We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident

    Episode 6

    See what happens when the Second Continental Congress votes to create a document that will declare to the world that America will be free.

  • The Miracle at New York

    Episode 7

    Washington's retreat saves the Continental army when General Howe brings an invasion to the battle.

  • The Crisis

    Episode 8

    Washington does the unthinkable when he crosses the frozen Delaware for surprise attacks that will keep the patriot cause alive.

  • The Battle of Saratoga

    Episode 9

    The great American victory at Saratoga makes France an ally of the new United States and turns the revolution into a world war.

  • Refiner's Fire

    Episode 10

    George Washington and the Continental Army endure the harsh winter at Valley Forge.

  • The War Goes South

    Episode 11

    As Washington and the Continental army charge out of Valley Forge, the British take the war south.

  • Victory of the Common Man

    Episode 12

    The Overmountain Boys crush the loyalists, and General Greene continues the war of attrition.

  • Patriots Finest Hour

    Episode 13

    Discover the hero John Paul Jones, the victory at Yorktown, and the French and American navies.