2022 TOFW Glorious Light Tour

2022 TOFW Glorious Light Tour

18 Episodes

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2022 TOFW Glorious Light Tour
  • The Restoration Continues

    Episode 1

    Did the Restoration of the Church end during the time of Joseph Smith? Anthony Sweat explores how the Restoration is ongoing and that we can be just as much a part of it as the early Saints were.

  • Living in the Light of Christ

    Episode 2

    In an often dark and confusing world, how do we find light? Barbara Morgan Gardner looks at examples of women in history who gather light, live in light, and increase in light, helping us recognize how we can gain more light in our own lives.

  • When Your Light Flickers, Check the Source

    Episode 3

    What do we do when our light flickers or goes out? Could it be that darkness is part of God's plan? Brooke Romney shares experiences and thoughts about how to find light when the darkness feels all-consuming.

  • In the Right Light

    Episode 4

    Understanding the true, loving nature of God doesn't always come easily. In this presentation, David Butler shares examples from the scriptures and his own life of how we can see God in the right light - as a perfectly and unconditionally loving Father.

  • Hold Up Your Light

    Episode 5

    Because of Jesus Christ, we were all born with light. Elaine Dalton motivates us to inspire those around us by recognizing the light we have and holding it up for the world to see.

  • Continual Light

    Episode 6

    What does it look like to be a bringer of light? Emily Belle Freeman explores this question through examples in the scriptures and her own life.

  • Brighter and Brighter

    Episode 7

    Emily Orton shares personal experiences to remind us that we all have a unique light to share with others. When it's difficult to recognize that light, God can help us see it and bless others with it.

  • Adjusting to the Light

    Episode 8

    Emily Watts reminds us that in dark times, light can appear in our lives, but it often takes time for our eyes to adjust and may come little by little.

  • Aligning with Grace by Thinking on Purpose

    Episode 9

    The mental and emotional trials we face on Earth require the strengthening power of Christ's Atonement. Jody Moore teaches that in order to access this power and navigate our challenges, we must choose to "think on purpose."

  • The Truth about Light

    Episode 10

    Laurel Day shares three truths she has learned about light and how physical light parallels the light and pure love of Christ

  • I Am the Light Which Ye Shall Hold Up

    Episode 11

    One of our covenant responsibilities in this life is to "let our light so shine." Maria Eckersley shares that this calling may be easier than we think and that we can all spread that light in our own unique ways.

  • Light the Way Home—Shine On! Shine On!

    Episode 12

    The light and love of Christ is universal. Mary Ellen Edmunds shares her experiences seeing the power of the light of the gospel in members all over the world.

  • Heaven Begins Here

    Episode 13

    How many of us dread group projects? Melinda Brown shares that God's work and glory is devoted to deepening friendships and that the covenant path is meant to be shared and enjoyed together.

  • Let There Be Light

    Episode 14

    Tamu Smith and Zandra Vranes share the story of Joseph of Egypt and how he gathered light. They explain the principles and practices of how we can gather light in our own lives.

  • Jesus Christ, The Promised Light

    Episode 15

    It can be difficult to wait on promised blessings from the Lord. In his presentation, Conlon Bonner teaches through his own experiences, words of the prophets, and song that waiting on the Lord is always worth it and He will guide us through any struggle we may face.

  • The Glorious Day of Womanhood

    Episode 16

    As women, the world and adversary will constantly bombard us with thoughts that we're not good enough. Becky Proudfit shares three ways to combat these thoughts and keep us closer to the Savior.

  • Why Are We Weeping and Whom Are We Seeking?

    Episode 17

    Reyna Aburto teaches us three ways to find light when it feels like the clouds of mortality have darkened our view.

  • Through His Light

    Episode 18

    Through sharing her own personal struggles and her favorite painting, Kate Lee describes what Christ's light feels like and how it affects us for good.