2020 TOFW Take Courage My Heart Tour

2020 TOFW Take Courage My Heart Tour

13 Episodes

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2020 TOFW Take Courage My Heart Tour
  • Acquiring Spiritual Courage

    Episode 1

    Is courage something you are born with or can anyone acquire it? Anthony Sweat, answers this question as he explains the four things that are essential for a courageous heart.

  • Finding Courage through Embracing God’s Power

    Episode 2

    Barbara Morgan Gardner gives examples of women both in the scriptures and in her own life that show tremendous courage. We learn the things they all have in common and how we ourselves can find courage through Christ in our own lives.

  • The Courage to Connect

    Episode 3

    In a world where comparing ourselves is easier than ever, Brooke Romney shares her experience about how choosing to connect and not compete changed her heart.

  • Live Courage

    Episode 4

    Facing fears is a normal part of life. How do we choose courage when our fears often blind or overwhelm us? David Butler teaches that as we turn to Christ, he can show us how to trust him, cast out the fear, and believe that everything is going to be ok.

  • A Call to Courage

    Episode 5

    Through the stories of righteous women, Elaine Dalton tells what they all have in common and what it takes to answer to the call to courage.

  • More to Give

    Episode 6

    What if the wounds we carry and the broken pieces in our lives aren't just for us to learn from? Through examples in the scriptures and her own life, Emily Belle Freeman shows us that when trials come, they are simply a reminder that now we have more to give and we can help others through their b...

  • How’s Your Heart?

    Episode 7

    We all come across challenges that can harden or close our hearts, but even bigger than those challenges is Christ's love and His power. Emily Orton helps us explore the state of our hearts and reminds us that choosing a soft heart takes divine courage.

  • Nothing Ventured, Nothing Lost: The Dilemma Of Courage

    Episode 8

    Yes we need courage in the big trials, but what about the smaller everyday discouragements? Can God help us through the "daily debris" of life? Emily Watts helps us see the importance of turning to Heavenly Father for courage in the everyday problems and challenges we face.

  • Perfectionism...and the Courage to Be More Authentic

    Episode 9

    Jane Clayson Johnson teaches that toxic perfectionism is both detrimental to mental health and contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However difficult it is to accept our ourselves completely, this process becomes easier as we turn to Christ, treat ourselves with kindness, and ultimately, accep...

  • Light Of Courage

    Episode 10

    The world and the adversary tells us we are not enough. When we believe these lies, we miss out on believing we have a purpose and that we play a part in Heavenly Father's plan. Kate Lee helps us recognize that it takes courage to believe we are good enough and when we do, we can experience unpar...

  • Launch Out into The Deep

    Episode 11

    Laurel Day reminds us that amazing things happen when we harness Christ's call to take courage and "launch out into the deep". This often difficult process requires vulnerability, understanding our strengths, and most importantly, putting our full trust in God.

  • Perfect Love Creates Courage

    Episode 12

    Through stories and powerful scriptures, Mary Ellen Edmunds shares that as we practice showing love we can receive the courage we need in our lives.

  • Courage in The Face of the “Interrupters”

    Episode 13

    Strength and courage are required to face the "interrupters' of our faith. Michael Wilcox, shares that in order to overcome these interrupters, we must hold on, draw strength from the chain of generations before us, balance the scale, and center the essentials.