2018 TOFW Centered in Christ Tour

2018 TOFW Centered in Christ Tour

14 Episodes

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2018 TOFW Centered in Christ Tour
  • Sometimes Believing is Enough

    Episode 1

    "Everything is connected." Those were some of the last words Alissa Parker's daughter Emilie spoke before she was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting. Faced with the unimaginable grief of losing a child so suddenly and unexpectedly, Alissa would need these words as she navigated her new life. In fa...

  • Patterns for His Presence

    Episode 2

    Anthony Sweat powerfully discusses the divine patterns we observe in true disciples of Christ and then how we can develop them in our own lives. These divine patters will allow us to draw closer to Christ more each day.

  • Examining the Darkness to Define Your Light

    Episode 3

    Cade and Carrian Cheney never imagined that their rollercoaster of trials that began soon after they were married would last months, even years. From unemployment to severe illness, the trials never seemed to end as they navigated their new life together. But even during the most difficult times ...

  • Finding the Light that Leads Back to Hope

    Episode 4

    In 2008, Carol J. Decker survived sepsis while pregnant with her second child, resulting in multiple amputations and complete blindness. Since then, Carol, her husband, and their two beautiful daughters have learned to live life with an optimistic attitude and determination that anything is possi...

  • Different and Distinct in the Happiest Ways

    Episode 5

    Elain S. Dalton profoundly teaches us how we can be different from the world in happy ways. She draws upon the importance of better focusing our lives on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If we do so we will be able to take his light to the world.

  • Stop the World, I Need to Get Back On

    Episode 6

    As women, we sometimes have “too much to do by definition,” Latter-day Saint author Emily Watts says. In fact, sometimes, it feels like we are barely holding on as life spins faster and faster around us. But even if we feel like we’ve lost our grip or lost our way, we are never alone. Christ is a...

  • Saviors on Mount Zion

    Episode 7

    Fiona Givens is a prominent church scholar who has co-authored two books with her husband Terryl one of which is entitled "The Christ Who Heals." In her 2018 presentation, Fiona explores the ability for all of us to stand with Christ and be saviors on Mount Zion.

  • Finding Your Voice

    Episode 8

    It isn't always easy to find your voice as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or as mothers. Gail Miller, author and business owner, shares how she has found her voice throughout drawing closer to Jesus Christ.

  • Finding Miracles Even in Our Waste Places

    Episode 9

    "What are your wildernesses and waste places? Where do you need to be watered and filled and repaired? Because that is why we're here." Jenny Reeder, renowned church historian, talks about some of the most inspiring women in the Church's history who asked these same searching questions.

  • Making Peace with the Unknown

    Episode 10

    Life is full of the unknown. These moments can leave all of us feeling uncertain about our future. Laurel C. Day outlines three important things that have helped her find peace in her life during times of uncertainty and moments filled with the unknown.

  • Making a Difference with Heavens Help

    Episode 11

    Sometimes, we make mistakes. And sometimes, we feel really bad about those mistakes. That is, until someone comes along who laughs with us, loves us, and reminds us that we are so much more than our shortcomings. Sharing personal experiences from her own life, Mary Ellen reminds us of the power o...

  • Arising Back to Heaven

    Episode 12

    "What seek ye?" The first question Christ asked his apostles is a question that we continue to ask ourselves today: What do we seek? Do we seek happiness? Peace? Whatever it is we are looking for, Christ extends the invitation to “come and see,” to follow Him as disciples and discover that if we ...

  • I Am She. She Is Me.

    Episode 13

    What does it mean to truly be a part of the worldwide sisterhood? Tamu Smith and Zandra Vranes explore what they've discovered from personal experience, Church history, and Biblical stories about how we can be "sisters" to those around us, even across cultural or racial divides.

  • Perfect Love in an Imperfect World

    Episode 14

    Tom Christofferson shares his story and the impact Christlike love has had in shaping his life. Years ago Tom's mother addressed their family saying, "the lesson your children will learn from the way our family treats their Uncle Tom is that nothing they can ever do will take them outside the cir...