2016 TOFW One Heart Tour

2016 TOFW One Heart Tour

17 Episodes

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2016 TOFW One Heart Tour
  • Discovering the Angels Around You

    Episode 1

    In an unforgettable presentation given in TOFW 2016, Alissa Parker, a mother of a Sandy Hook victim, tells of the angels that surround her family.

  • If You Can Laugh About It, You Can Live With It

    Episode 2

    Brad Wilcox lends his joyful perspective on how laughter helps us through life in this delightful presentation from TOFW 2016.

  • Walk With Me

    Episode 3

    Elaine S. Dalton reminds us and teaches us to walk with our Savior Jesus Christ in her inspired TOFW 2016 presentation, Walk with Me.

  • Filling the Empty

    Episode 4

    Emily Belle Freeman answers our questions and touches our hearts with her TOFW 2016 presentation, Filling the Empty.

  • Motherhood: Am I Doing it Right?

    Episode 5

    This 2016 TOFW presentation from Emily Watts teaches the difference between principles and practices and helps moms relax about doing things "their way."

  • Experiencing and Keeping that Mighty Change in Heart

    Episode 6

    Eric Huntsman speaks to our vulnerable hearts in his TOFW 2016 presentation, Experiencing & Keeping That Mighty Change of Heart.

  • Please Come Home

    Episode 7

    Multi-linguist, educator, and author Fiona Givens extends our Father's invitation to Please Come Home in her TOFW 2016 presentation.

  • A Testimony to Weather the Storm

    Episode 8

    With his trademark humor and amazing gospel understanding, John Bytheway shares how A Testimony to Weather the Storm can be had by all of us in his TOFW 2016 presentation.

  • Receiving His Unspeakable Gift

    Episode 9

    Laurel C. Day helps us draw closer to the Savior in this Receiving His Unspeakable Gift presentation from TOFW 2016.

  • Let It Go, Moms

    Episode 10

    Lisa Valentine Clark's contagious laugh and humor help all mothers learn let it go in her amazing TOFW 2016 presentation Let It Go, Moms.

  • Living Your Circumstances

    Episode 11

    Mary Cook speaks to all of us who are trying to understand and see light in our everyday lives in her Living Your Circumstances presentation from TOFW 2016.

  • I Am Well If You Are Well

    Episode 12

    Mary Ellen Edmunds has us smiling and understanding that I Am Well If You Are Well in her TOFW 2016 presentation.

  • My Unexpected Encounter with Jesus

    Episode 13

    Michael McLean's Unexpected Encounter with Jesus speaks to the questioning heart and relates on so many levels in his unforgettable TOFW 2016 presentation.

  • Becoming Women of Faith in Christ

    Episode 14

    S. Michael Wilcox explores our journey of Becoming Women of Faith in Christ in his TOFW 2016 presentation.

  • Saved by the Well

    Episode 15

    Tamu Smith and Zandra Vranes have us laughing, crying, and opening our understanding with their TOFW 2016 presentation, Saved By the Well.

  • The Spiritual Skill of Resilience

    Episode 16

    We all want The Spiritual Skill of Resilience, and Wendy Ulrich helps us grasp hold of it in her TOFW 2016 presentation.

  • The Power of Connections

    Episode 17

    Whitney Johnson lends insightful knowledge on The Power of Connections in her TOFW 2016 presentation.